Difference between Pure Sine Wave, Modified and Square Wave

Here is a image showing how Pure/Perfect Sine Wave looks like:


The AC current we have at wall outlets has this form of wave.

What about Modified Sine Wave and Square Wave?

Are they the same thing?

No: modified sine wave and square wave are different.

Here is an image showing a square wave:


And below image shows a Modified sine wave:


You can clearly see that there is quite some difference between square and modified sine waves.

Is Modified Sine Wave actually a “modified” version of sine wave?

I don’t think so: Many believe that we should call it a Modified Square Wave.

Modified wave is an altered version of square wave.

Both Modified and Square Waves are bad for your electronic devices including PC.

Consider Pure Sine Wave a Saw that does not have any Tooth. The to and fro motion of this saw will not damage electronic devices due to the fact that it has no tooth.


On the other hand, Square Wave is a saw with big and sharp tooth. Modified wave is quite the same. It just has little less sharp tooth.



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